Raju Bharti’s Guesthouse, Goshaini, Himachal Pradesh

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Gushaini, Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Raju Bharti’s Guesthouse at Goshaini, Tirthan valley is one of the best homestays in the Tirthan Valley region. Visit this place when you want to sit amidst beautiful surrondings, read, go for occasional walks and be fed wonderful food all day. For the more vigorous-minded, a 16 km long walk along the Tirthan River brings you to the Great Himalayan National Park; which offer endless possibilities of moderate to difficult  hiking. If you like fish, you can have fresh trout every day from the river nearby. Connected to the civilization by a small bridge, this is the perfect spot for crisp air, fresh food and long walks.

Driving is the most convenient mode to reach Tirthan Valley, although local transport also exists. Raju BHarti’s Guest House is located at Goshaini village, which has been developed over the past decade. This part of the village consists of a handful of decade old general stores and a liquor store. Start off your first morning sipping tea on the verandah outside your rooms. The verandah looks upon a perennial garden and behind the garden looms the verdant summer hills of the lower Himalaya dotted with hundreds of ripe apple trees.

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