Nainidanda, Uttarakhand, India

Homestay, nature trail, waterfall, village walk, adventure etc

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Nainidanda is a place for every adventurer. Nestled high up on the hills, the place is a delightful gift of nature. Your day would start with the soothing sound of wind flowing through leaves and the chirping of some very rare birds. You’ll feel good about being so close to the sky; it definitely looks different from what you see from the bustle of the city. The propoerty has got Hammocks everywhere hung between the trees. It also has a tree house which can accommodate 3 adults comfortably and 2 customised alpine tents. Each tent is big enough to accommodate 4 adults. The best things about these tents are 2 sizeable openings on the ceiling which can offer you the perfect night under the stars. There’s also a lounge, big enough to accommodate a gathering of 20 adults and can be used as makeshift bedroom for 10-11 adults. This takes the total capacity of the residence to comfortably host a big group of 20-21 adults.

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